Safety systems and solutions for the production of the future

Schmersal presents innovative safety technology at FMB in Bad Salzuflen

Wuppertal, 24 October 2016 The industrial production of the future will be characterised by networking, digitalisation and increasing cooperation between man and machine. Industry 4.0 represents new challenges for mechanical engineering too. At trade fair FMB in Bad Salzuflen, Germany, Schmersal is  demonstrating how the company can support its customers on the introduction of digital future technologies using safety technical systems and solutions.

Programmable, modular, networkable:  The PROTECT PSC1 safety controller 
Batch sizes are becoming smaller, and it must be possible to adapt the machines to different products and market conditions both straightforwardly and quickly. As a result, increased flexibility is needed and this requirement is best met using state-of-the-art control technology. The programmable and configurable electronics of the PROTECT PSC1 safety controller permit the adaptation of the safety functions to the specific application. The modular design of the control technology is another advantage.. There are various modules that machine constructors can use to extend the PROTECT PSC1 system, for example, additional inputs and outputs, universal fieldbus connection, safe cross-communications and safe drive monitoring.
Eight options - flexible application: The new SRB-E safety relay modules:
The new safety relay modules in the PROTECT SRB-E range from Schmersal are very flexible to use. With just eight basic options, the range can cover a series of possible application profiles. The modules are therefore suitable for monitoring all common electromechanical and electronic safety switches and interlocks as well as safety sensors and opto-electronic safety equipment. All equipment versions can be used in applications up to category 4/ PL e according to EN ISO 13849-1 and also SIL 3 according to EN 62061/ IEC 61508.

Safe bolt interlock for heavy safety doors: The AZM400
Very large safety doors on machines pose very demanding requirements on
solenoid interlocks. This is why Schmersal has added a new series for heavy
applications to its range of interlocks: the safe AZM400 bolt interlock, which was only launched in early 2016. Their main properties include electro-motor powered locking bolts with an interlocking force of 10,000 N and a bistable working principle. The AZM400 also has an impressively high level of safety. For both locking and closing functions, it achieves the high safety category of PL e and Cat. 4 in accordance with DIN EN ISO 13849-1 and SIL 3 in accordance with IEC 61508.

Hygienic, flexible and tamper-proof: The AZM 300
The AZM 300 has a cross-shaped interlock system which allows a universal approach from three sides. This means one and the same model can be used for rotating doors with left and right hand locks and also for sliding doors. This makes the AZM 300 very flexible.  The AZM 300 is also a hygiene-compliant system, which is a decisive benefit, especially when it comes to using this component in machines for the food industry. The AZM 300 also meeds the requirements of DIN EN ISO 14119, as the interlock has manipulation protection with high coding levels, with a choice of universal, multi-learning or individual coding. This is made possible thanks to the safety technology-compliant RFID technology fitted into the interlock.

Visit us between 9 and 11/11/2016 at the FMB mechanical engineering supplier show in Bad Salzuflen: Hall 21, Stand 13A.