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  • Safety solutions for the construction materials industry

    With Schmersal, CRH Belgium now receives everything from a single source [lisää]

    Occupational safety is a strategic priority for CRH. As part of continual investment in its safety systems, CRH Structural Concrete Belgium (CRH Belgium) opted to equip its 11 locations with safety solutions from the Schmersal Group.

    Source: Global Cement Magazine, January 2019

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    Safety technology for safety doors increases machine availability   [lisää]

    Machines from Eckel & Sohn are pioneers when it comes to sorting, supplying, screwing and assembling closures. To safeguard its plants, the company has come to rely on state-of-the-art bolt interlocks that fit to the safety doors to reliably monitor their positions.

    Source: Lebensmitteltechnik, 3/2018

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  • Proactive over reactive

    Safety to Cloud solution incorporates safety technologies into predictive maintenance concepts [lisää]

    Predictive maintenance is a key component of industry 4.0, whose principal advantage can be summarised in two words: economic efficiency. To optimise machine capacity within the sense of future anticipated maintenance, a comprehensive range of data needs to be collected, beginning at the very lowest machine level. Cloud solutions support the user with the analysis and utilisation of the data.

    Source: messtec drives Automation, 4/2018, WILEY-VCH Verlag publishing house

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  • Packaging machine with optimal safety and hygiene concept

    The highlight of the Schmersal safety solution: the SD bus system [lisää]

    Speed, safety and hygiene are just a few of the basics that food manufacturers have come to expect. Meypack Verpackungssystemtechnik GmbH is now able to offer a unique new development in the form of its VP 600 cardboard packaging machine, which is capable of processing smaller products in smaller formations in a smaller floor area. The safety solution, based on an SD bus system, which is provided by Schmersal, is as space-saving as it is hygienic and supports the machine concept.

    Source: ME Magazin, 4-2018, AGT publishing house

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  • ‘We’ll need to start looking at safety and security as one’

    Safety sensors in robot systems [lisää]

    Christian Heller, Head of Sales for Central Germany at Schmersal, speaks to us about the significance of safety and security solutions for collaborating robots and the need for more intensive collaboration amongst safety and security experts in the age of Industry 4.0.

    Source: messtec drives Automation, 8/2018, WILEY-VCH publishing house

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    Seydelmann reliant on hygienic cross switches for its operator terminals [lisää]

    Machine manufacturer Seydelmann has chosen the cross buttons and cross switches from Schmersal’s N range for its control elements, devices that are both hygienic and robust and that have been sealed multiple times to guard against jet water. In addition,the Stuttgart-based machine manufacturer is also currently testing a cross switch that can be operated with the knee.

    Source: dei – Prozesstechnik für die Lebensmittelindustrie, issue 7-8, 2018

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  • Machine safety 4.0

    Generating data from safety switchgear for condition monitoring [lisää]

    In modern condition monitoring concepts, machine components have become ‘data collectors’, offering information about the anticipated availability of plants and systems. The benefits of these concepts are obvious, and machine safety can and must be integrated. Siegfried Rüttger, Project Manager for Industry 4.0 at the Schmersal Group, explains the background and opportunities.

    Source: Der Betriebsleiter, issue 11-12/2018, Vereinigte Fachverlage publishing house

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  • Machine safety in the age of digitisation

    Schmersal offers systems and solutions for machine safety [lisää]

    Digitisation in industrial production imposes new requirements on machine safety. It also lays the foundations for new solutions. This article looks at the effects of Industry 4.0 on  functional machine safety.

    Source: mpa - messen, prüfen, automatisieren, issue 9-2018, b-Quadrat c

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  • Machining centre 4.0 with innovative safety solution

    Solenoid interlock especially for large machining centres [lisää]

    Mandelli Sistemi employs a 5-axis machining centre to process hard titanium alloys for the aerospace industry. The company uses a safe solenoid interlock with Bowden cable from Schmersal to automate and secure the closing process on the large sliding doors fitted to the titanium machine.

    Source: Factory Equipment, 16 October 2018, Data Team Business Media Limited, UK

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  • Hygienic design is an absolute must

    The Schmersal Group has developed the N-range specially for the food industry [lisää]

    Manufacturing and operating food production machines involves complying not only with norms and guidelines on machine safety, but also with very strict hygiene and design requirements. This is why the Schmersal Group has developed a whole range of Hygienic Design safety products for this sector - from control elements and safety sensors to optoelectronic safety light grids.

    Source: FOOD & DRINK, PROCESSING & PACKAGING, Issue 20 2018, M H Media Global Ltd.

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  • “Industrie 4.0 would be inconceivable without functional machine safety”

    Schmersal Group showcases advanced safety technology at Automation Expo 2018 in Mumbai [lisää]

    The Schmersal Group provides customers around the globe with components, systems and solutions for machine safety and occupational health and safety. The company, with headquarters based in Germany, is one of the world’s market leaders in this ambitious field. Schmersal has a manufacturing facility in Ranjangaon near Pune and is the only company producing safety switches directly in India. At Automation Expo 2018 in Mumbai the Schmersal Group will showcase advanced, Industrie 4.0 compliant safety technology. Ramji Singh, Vice President Sales & Marketing at Schmersal India, provides glimpses of evolving trends, innovations and market developments in the machine safety segment.

    Source: Engineering Review, Volume 18, No 4, August 2018

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  • Interview with Ramji Singh, Schmersal India

    “Think about Machine Safety Right from the Start to Achieve Greater Cost Efficiency” [lisää]

    With its tailor-made systems and industry solutions for machine safety, the Schmersal Group offers an extensive range of safety switching appliances and systems worldwide for the protection of human life and machines. In an Interview with Industrial Product Review (IPR), Ramji Singh, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Schmersal India Pvt. Ltd. talks about how Industry 4.0 goes hand in hand with Safety 4.0, the current scenario of Indian industry in respect of industrial safety: Ramji Singh welcomes the decision of the BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) to adopt the ISO Standards for machine safety.

    Source: Industrial Product Review (IPR), Pune, July 2018

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  • Hygienic design is an absolute must

    Safety solutions for the food industry [lisää]

    Manufacturing and operating food production machines involves complying not only with norms and guidelines on machine safety, but also with very strict hygiene and design requirements. This is why the Schmersal Group has developed a whole range of Hygienic Design safety products for this sector - from control elements and safety sensors to optoelectronic safety light grids.

    Source: P&A. Perspektive Prozessindustrie, issue 3.2018

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  • Consistent system solutions for the loose goods sector

    Sales partnership with Scanmin Africa [lisää]

    In July, Schmersal entered into a sales partnership with Scanmin Africa in order to provide an extended range of system solutions for the loose goods industry. In an interview, Udo Sekin, the sector manager for heavy industry at the Schmersal Group, explains the details and background.

    Source: etz, 12/2017, VDE VERLAG GMBH

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  • Safety to cloud as an Industry 4.0 compliant solution

    Schmersal expands its business in Turkey and Eastern Europe. [lisää]

    Data is the new gold in Industry 4.0. Machines, tools and workpieces will become cyber-physical systems which collect and exchange data. The result is a whole new quality of production data which enables decentralised production control in real-time. But the digital transformation poses new challenges for the safety technology. Schmersal Group now presents an innovative safety solution which is suitable for worldwide applications. The company, one of the global market leaders in safety technology, has recently expanded its business in Turkey and Eastern Europe.

    Source: WORLD OF INDUSTRIES 1/2018

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  • Data is the new gold

    Focus on safety [lisää]

    SAFETY - With its range of different solutions for safe signal evaluation, the Schmersal Group offers individually tailored and cost-effective solutions and increased productivity for the user.To ensure safe signal evaluation, safety technology provider Schmersal provides solutions based on safety relay modules and safety controllers with a wide range of visualisation and diagnostic options as a function of the complexity and connection depth of the safety circuits.

    Author: Christian Heller, Head of Product Management, Schmersal Group

    Source: :K - Kompetenz für Konstrukteure, Henrich Publikationen Gmbh

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  • New requirements for machine safety in Industry 4.0

    Special: Functional Safety [lisää]

    Industry 4.0 would be inconceivable without functional machine safety. But the digital transformation poses new challenges for experts in safety technology. They need to keep up with the rapid pace of technical developments, even in terms of standardisation. At the same time, safety technology needs to become an integral part of every system, not only to protect the employees from injuries, but also as a tool to increase production Efficiency, says Schmersal

    Author: Siegfried Rüttger, Project Leader Industry 4.0, Schmersal Group

    Source: magazine "open automation", 6/17

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  • A standard investigated

    Interview with Siegfried Wolf, head of tec.nicum academy and tec.nicum consulting [lisää]

    In June last year, the reworked DIN EN ISO 13849-1 standard was published. The editorial team chatted to machine safety expert Siegfried Wolf from K.A. Schmersal GmbH & CO. KG about how the changes and additions will impact machine constructors.

    Source: magazine DER KONSTRUKTEUR 11/2017

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  • Two worlds growing together

    Machine safety in Industry 4.0 concepts: Utilising existing safety hardware, communications standards and ideas [lisää]

    What are the implications of production according to the principles of Industry 4.0 for functional safety? Humans and robots will increasingly be working together without intervening safety fences and the safety-related signals are also processed at higher control levels. The prerequisites for this are already in place, says Schmersal

    Author: Siegfried Rüttger, Industry 4.0 Project Leader, Schmersal Group

    Source: Extract from SPS-MAGAZIN, specialist automation technology journal, Issue 10/2017

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  • Easy installation of safety systems to secure complex machines and systems

    Machine and plant safety [lisää]

    New installation systems for safety switchgear from Schmersal are now available especially for securing complex machines and systems. They not only make installation easier, but also increase flexibility and improve the opportunities for troubleshooting in the spirit of preventative maintenance.
    Source: GIT SICHERHEIT + MANAGEMENT 3/2017,WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim

    Author: Udo Weber, Product Manager, Schmersal Group

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  • Schmersal’s main aim is localized R&D in India

    Interview with Sagar Bhosale, Managing Director, Schmersal India [lisää]

    A leading player in machine safety, Schmersal India recently celebrated a decade of its existence in India. The company is extremely bullish on the Indian market and is concentrating on more localized R&D, developing new products for the local market. In an exclusive interview Sagar Bhosale, Managing Director, Schmersal India talks at length about the company’s future vision and plans to the editor of the trade magazine MACHINE TOOLS WORLD. Sagar Bhosale gives an update about key technology trends, such as automation and IIoT and prime challenges for safety technology with the rapid adoption of these trends.


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  • Master of safety: The new cartoner from Molins Langen

    Schmersal supplies safety technology for high-performance ‘Maestro’ machine [lisää]

    Première at interpack 2017: The new ‘Maestro’ cartoning machine from Molins Langen was presented to the public for the first time in May at the packaging show in Dusseldorf, Germany. The innovative cartoner sets new standards in terms of efficiency, accessibility and hygiene-compliant design. Another benefit is that the high-performance machine is fitted with safety sensors and interlocks from Schmersal as standard.

    Source: Food & Drink Matters, UK, issue 131 

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  • Everything continues to flow - safely

    Interlocks and sensors from Schmersal ensure that Krones systems are safe and productive [lisää]

    Krones AG ensures that the international beverage industry remains keeps flowing: Worldwide, every third bottle opened has been filled, labelled and packaged on a Krones plant. As a world market leader in its sector, the company is known throughout the beverage world for its efficient and safe systems for beverage filling and packaging. Following an extensive market investigation, the company now equips the machines that it manufactures for the global market with the safety sensors RSS36 and the safety interlock AZM300 from Schmersal. Protection against tampering, very good diagnostics possibilities and AS-i-Safety at Work connectivity were decisive factors for the choice of these components.

    Source: Lebensmitteltechnik 10/2017

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  • 10,000 N interlocking force on Microcut

    Safety for the Stephan Vacutherm system [lisää]

    User-friendliness, high levels of safety, wide range of applications and availability, these were the most important requirements from Stephan Machinery, which produces foodmanufacturing machines. Therefore, for its Stephan Vacutherm System VMC 1200, which was primarily developed for the production of delicatessen products, the company decidedto use the new AZM 400 solenoid interlock from Schmersal.
    Source: LVT LEBENSMITTEL Industrie 4/2017
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  • ‘As automation continues to gain steam, safety basics needs to be reinforced’

    Interview with Sagar Bhosale, Managing Director at Schmersal India [lisää]

    Schmersal India, a leading player in machine safety, recently celebrated a decade of its existence in India. The company has indeed come a long way since its humble beginning as a sales organisation to tap the growing Indian market. Today, the company has a manufacturing facility in Ranjangaon near Pune and is in fact the only company producing safety switches directly in India. It expects further growth in production and employment in the coming years, courtesy increasing awareness of safety in the industry. In an interview with the Indian trade magazine Engineering Review, Sagar Bhosale, Managing Director at Schmersal India, talks about the need for safety to evolve to keep pace with the rising trend of automation and challenges in the Indian market.

    Source: Engineering Review, July 2017

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    “Safety Technology specialists should be involved as early as the design phase.” [lisää]

    Interview with Philip Schmersal, Managing Director and Shareholder, Schmersal Group: "The prevailing issues of Industry 4.0 / IIoT are communication and data exchange, intelligent networking and flexibility. In this respect, our safety controller PSC1 is Industry 4.0 compliant."

    Source: DER KONSTRUKTEUR 1-2/2017

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  • Safely in series

    Schmersal has launched a new safety installation system. [lisää]

    Interview with Udo Weber, Safety Technology Product Manager at Schmersal Group: "The market demands wiring solutions which are as simple, fault-proof and cost-effective as possible."
    Source: Computer&AUTOMATION 2/2017

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  • Tiny things for maximum effect

    Premiere for the smallest safety light barrier [lisää]

    At SPS IPC Drives 2016, the Schmersal Group showcased a new range of opto-electronic safety equipment with a clear unique selling point. The SLB 240/440/450 is the smallest
    range of safety light barriers in the world with built-in evaluation.

    Author: Klaus Schuster, Schmersal Group

    Source: Konstruktion & Entwicklung, 11 / 2016, Schlütersche Verlagsgesellschaft

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  • Mobile and safe

    Tailored safety technology supports the the flexibility of a welding cell [lisää]

    The mobile welding cell from the Guttroff group of companies offers a whole load of technology in a compact space, is delivered in no time and is enormously flexible in terms
    of potential applications. The user can select whether to buy or rent the “welding robot to go” and in either scenario gains access to welding know-how and services. The safety technology selected by Schmersal provides substantial support for the automated cell in terms of flexibility.

    Source: Der Betriebsleiter 11-12/2016

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  • Hygiene-compliant, flexible and reliable

    safety systems for the food and packaging industry [lisää]

    The requirements are tough for the food and packaging industry: hygiene-compliant design, flexibility, short conversion times and high levels of plant availability are increasingly important features for machines and systems. In these industries, too, protecting employees is a priority, but the safety systems need to be adapted to the individual applications and contribute to the efficiency of the production processes.

    Author: Siegfried Rüttger, Industry Manager Pharma/Food/Packaging, Schmersal Group
    Source: Getränke + Lebensmittel Herstellung 2016, Kuhn Fachverlag
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